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It was my honor to portray the role of ALISON 

in the seat of your pants production of "Trainspotting" by Harry Gibson

(based on the novel by Irvine Welsh)

at The Elephant Theatre in Los Angeles.

March 9th-June 1st 2013

"Alison Walter plays Alison like a raw, feral cat on the prowl slinking her way around the stage for the next great fix. She’s not afraid to get dirty and stay dirty."
-Kelly Crawford

"Alison Walter is luminous in her multi-dimensional role as Alison, especially in the haunting baby scene."
-MR Hunter, EyeSpyLA

“Walter is a devil-eyed hoot as Alison.”

– Kurt Gardner, Blog Critics

“Alison’s expression is so real I wondered what was really in the needles they used on stage. Her persona was instantly and completely altered and consumed by the drug."

–Rose Desena, Los Angeles Post

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