Testimonials from Goat Yoga at Hancock Shaker Village

"I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. The class was well paced for every level.

I especially appreciated the calm tone of the class.

And thankful [she] could accommodate my injuries."

Ilana from Queens, New York

"Alison's class today in the Berkshires was very, comforting,

is the first word that comes to my mind. Her voice, her presence...

She made us feel as though we were relaxing at the same time as we were exercising. 

Therefore it wasn't stressful, it was good for my body. After class, I feel more released."

Ryan from Boulder, Colorado

I loved Alison's energy, I loved her affirmations, and I loved her intuitive style of teaching."

Allison from The Berkshires, Massachusetts

"This was amazing. Really, stretching outside... she got us to relax and get into that meditative state. This was refreshing and tremendous, this was really great."

Bobby from New York, New York

"For my first yoga class, I was very impressed. My fears are relayed now about yoga.

Any kind of exercise is good for me, but to actually be here with kindred spirits,

it was fun to exercise with such nice people, and the goats too, of course."

Marty from The Berkshires, Massachusetts

"I thought that Alison kept every single person in mind when teaching the practice.

No matter what level, you could do this and feel challenged in some way. She gave me a different perspective in terms of what I'm thinking about when I'm doing the poses.

The pace was perfect, and her voice is so calming and soothing.

I zoned out a lot, I loved it.

Jonelle from Queens, New York

"Perfecto, excellente. Mi primera vez, me encanto, es muy tranquilo, muy relajador. Bravo. Bueno, bueno!" (Perfect, excellent. My first time, I loved it, it's very tranquil,

very relaxing. Bravo. Great, great!)

Nancy de Peru

"I loved Alison's class, it was great. I work with the goats every day,

so to see them and do yoga with them is so fun."

Emma from France

"Alison did a really good job. This was my first time doing outdoor yoga,

and I feel like I got a lot of energy from the nature."


"Alison's class was positive and easy to follow, with a very good pace." 

Karen from The Berkshires, Massachusetts

Testimonials from Pre-Teen Meditation in Brooklyn

"That was beautiful. I am so relaxed right now. That was amazing."



"After class I feel happier, less tired, and released."


"[Alison's meditation] was the most still I have ever been."


"Her voice made me feel calm, happy [and] energized.

My feet are relaxed, and I feel loose in my body."


Testimonials from Kids Yoga in Brooklyn

"Our students really looked forward to Ms. Alison's visits every Thursday, it really calmed their spirits and set the tone for the day!"

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


"Ms. Alison's yoga class is awesome! It really helped to calm my students during the middle of their long day. The children responded well to it, and were able to recall what the learned from one week to the next. The teachers also enjoyed it."

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

"I like yoga because we get to have fun.

Ms. Alison is the best yoga teacher ever."

Tyler, 2nd Grader


"When you do yoga, you don't feel stressed anymore."

Akayla, 2nd Grader

"I like yoga because it makes my heart feel good."

Johani, 2nd Grader

"My favorite thing about yoga is that it makes me feel relaxed."

Jose, 2nd Grader

"Yoga calms me down."

Jaleel, 2nd Grader

"My favorite part about yoga is being with Ms. Alison."

Emerald, 2nd Grader

"Yoga makes me feel calm throughout the day."

Natalie, 3rd Grader

"Yoga helps me feel comfortable and relaxed."
Cornell, 3rd Grader


"Yoga makes me feel energetic and relaxed for the rest of the day."
Rodney, 3rd Grader


"Yoga makes me feel happy."

Amari, 3rd Grader

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