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Apple Orchard Yoga

at Limbsnapping Music and Arts Festival

“Alison taught an incredible class using nature and our surroundings, bringing people from all different backgrounds and accessibilities together, to make a new community and help everyone feel good. By using sound, breath, and sighs we all came together on the same page. We were looking up at the same sky, and the same apple trees, and you made us feel in unison. We had a few a laughs too! I was so glad to look over at my friends, who don't do yoga that much, and they were in total peace. The sound bowls brought us into a trance by the end. I'm so grateful for her fun vibe, articulation, and the entire flow and experience.”

~Liz Whooley

“Alison’s yoga class was like a very warm hour long hug. It was exactly what my mind and body and soul needed. I feel so grounded, and so in here, and I’m grateful for that.”

~Keira Cronin

"This was my favorite yoga class I've ever taken! Alison's energy is so warm and familiar. I loved the gentleness with which she gave instruction, it felt collaborative. I loved the consciousness of the practice, being gentle with our bodies and taking our time. Her tone of voice and delivery and thoughtful ness was really beautiful. Her theatre background really helps with projection and consistency of tone, her diction is so clear so you're never confused about what you're being instructed to do. She's also very conscious of meeting people where they're at in their practice. 

~Cameron VanFossen

"Alison's yoga class was the perfect way to start a Saturday morning. She led an outdoor all-level class that had us all beaming with physical and mental energy by the end."

~Owen from Oak Park, IL


It was truly the most wonderful and unique yoga class I have ever been to. I particularly loved the joy and sincerity that Alison brought to the experience through her words. She managed to cultivate a sense of relaxed fun and whimsicalness without sacrificing an ounce of intention or focus. The whole experience was a lovely way to start the day through physical activity, but more than that, it was truly spiritually cleansing. The sound bath was amazing! It was a special class all around. 

~Eliza from New York, NY

"It was so nice. You can truly feel Alison's gratitude when she's talking. She has a very relaxing voice that is so pleasant to listen to. Her words and the cadence of her voice make everything feel so genuine. I felt great afterwards."

~Megan from outside of Philadelphia

"This was my first yoga class, ever. It was beautiful, very well guided, an amazing experience. I felt very relaxed. After class I felt like I had a very good night's sleep."

~Patrick from the Netherlands

"Alison’s yoga flow was super pleasant. The way in which she instructed the students was gentle and engaging. It was nice to be able to stretch all the muscles that we tend to forget about. I felt physically lighter and connected to myself after her session. I highly recommend her yoga practice to anyone who is looking to find deeper connections to self." 


"The sound bath was this tranquil experience that I've never felt before. I could feel with each sound the growing of appreciation, love, grace, kindness, gratitude, all of those things. I smiled from head to toe, you know when your toes smile? It was absolutely amazing."

~Marissa from Ocean City, NJ

"During class I felt open and childlike. After class I felt happy, and content."


"I really enjoyed the class! I felt like I could keep up, and really feel the energy and understand the benefits of each pose, so I got a lot out of it. It was very rewarding. I'll be coming back!”

~Bailey from Brooklyn, NYC

"Alison's guidance was kind and comfortable. Her pacing was exactly what it needs to be, she never said too much, to allow the folks to feel the relaxation. She appreciates the passion of keeping peace... that carries on with you to the next time, or every time you want that peace to come back. It was a very memorable experience. I loved it. After class I felt great, less anxious, more comfortable in letting go...Very ready and receptive."

~Bryan from Arizona

"The sound bath grounded me. I think Alison gave really good guidance to put myself in the mind space for it. It does feel really clearing.”

~Jenna from Ocean City, NJ

"I thought class was amazing. It was my first yoga experience. It was awesome to do it in the middle of the woods, on top of a barn, and to experience being grounded to the earth. I felt extremely peaceful.”

~Joey from Arizona 

"I feel amazing.Definitely enjoying the moment.”

~Sam from Cambridge

Goat Yoga at Hancock Shaker Village

"I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. The class was so well paced for every level. I especially appreciated the calm tone of the class. And thankful she could accommodate my injuries." 

~Ilana from Queens, New York


"The class was serene, and Alison has a bubbly energy that is peaceful but uplifting. She has a really good flow. Everyone always has a good time. 

~Caitlin from Hancock Shaker Village Staff


"Alison's class today in the Berkshires was very, comforting, is the first word that comes to my mind. Her voice, her presence... She made us feel as though we were relaxing at the same time as we were exercising. Therefore it wasn't stressful, it was good for my body. After class, I feel more released." 

~Ryan from Boulder, Colorado


"I thought that Alison kept every single person in mind when teaching the practice. No matter what level, you could do this and feel challenged in some way. She gave me a different perspective in terms of what I'm thinking about when I'm doing the poses. The pace was perfect, and her voice is so calming and soothing. I zoned out a lot, I loved it.

~Jonelle from Queens, New York


"I loved Alison's energy, I loved her affirmations, and I loved her intuitive style of teaching."

~Allison from The Berkshires, Massachusetts


"This was amazing. Really, stretching outside... she got us to relax and get into that meditative state. This was refreshing and tremendous, this was really great."

~Bobby from New York, New York


"For my first yoga class, I was very impressed. My fears are relayed now about yoga. Any kind of exercise is good for me, but to actually be here with kindred spirits, it was fun to exercise with such nice people, and the goats too, of course." 

~Marty from The Berkshires, Massachusetts


"Perfecto, excellente. Mi primera vez, me encanto, es muy tranquilo, muy relajador. Bravo. Bueno, bueno!" (Perfect, excellent. My first time, I loved it, it's very tranquil, very relaxing. Bravo. Great, great!)

~Nancy from Peru


"I loved Alison's class, it was great. I work with the goats every day, so to see them and do yoga with them is so fun."

~Emma from Hancock Shaker Village Staff


"Alison did a really good job. This was my first time doing outdoor yoga, and I feel like I got a lot of energy from the nature."


"Alison's class was positive and easy to follow, with a very good pace." 

~Karen from The Berkshires, Massachusetts


"I loved it... It felt great to relax. I feel really refreshed and very nice." 

~Megan from The Berkshires, Massachusetts 


Yoga with Kids


"Our students really looked forward to Ms. Alison's visits every Thursday, it really calmed their spirits and set the tone for the day!"

~Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


"Ms. Alison's yoga class is awesome! It really helped to calm my students during the middle of their long day. The children responded well to it, and were able to recall what the learned from one week to the next. The teachers also enjoyed it."

~Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


"I like yoga because we get to have fun.

Ms. Alison is the best yoga teacher ever."

~Tyler, 2nd Grader


"When you do yoga, you don't feel stressed anymore."

~Akayla, 2nd Grader


"I like yoga because it makes my heart feel good."

~Johani, 2nd Grader


"My favorite thing about yoga is that it makes me feel relaxed."

~Jose, 2nd Grader


"Yoga calms me down."

~Jaleel, 2nd Grader

"My favorite part about yoga is being with Ms. Alison."

~Emerald, 2nd Grader

"Yoga makes me feel calm throughout the day.”

~Natalie, 3rd Grader

"Yoga helps me feel comfortable and relaxed."
~Cornell, 3rd Grader

"Yoga makes me feel energetic and relaxed for the rest of the day."
~Rodney, 3rd Grader

"Yoga makes me feel happy.”

~Amari, 3rd Grader

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